There are evils that come to good

Recently, one of the most challenging issues modern societies are suffering is cyberbullying amongst schoolchildren. In order to tackle this problem, I suggest two main methods for governments to consider: school campaigns, and social media regulation.

On the matter of school campaigns, it is extremely necessary for parents, teacher and school staff to develop a large, attractive advertising strategy, which shows the consequences of cyberbullying, such as racism, revenge, isolation, mental illness, and even suicide. Encourage strong motivations into children and address their responsibilities toward building equal and respectful society, in my opinion, are bases to solidify a real citizenship spirit, where citizens would be able to contribute to a developed civilization.

With reference to social media regulation, I would say that it is a necessary evil. Why that? Because every law or rule is a way to control people's freedom. All the same, the absence of those mechanisms could generate unpredictable behavior, which could be for better, or for worse. Therefore, some agreements between people are requirements to keep them walking toward a common objective. In this case, to avoid abuses of misuse of social media, in which, unfortunately, are regularly found fake profiles used only to harass others.

Summarizing, both cited methods are urgently recommended by those wish to make amendments to our virtual environment. Although these actions should be put into place by governments, it is crucially necessary for parents and non-governmental organizations take part in these discussions. Because, as far as I am concerned, a real democracy is made by both discussion and agreement, but never by imposition.

Essay written for the Cambridge Advanced English course, The English Academy, Dublin, 2015.